A while ago I saw someone on Instagram who was doing a 365 days challenge. I thought this was really cool so a few days later I decided to start my own. I started making a piece of lettering every day for a year. Believe me, doing something that requires creativity, time, and a lot of thought on a daily basis when you don’t particularly have to is hard. It really is. Yet it’s incredibly satisfying to see yourself improve. Numbered by the days I was getting better at something. It even got me some freelance jobs and recognition.

What is lettering or handlettering?

Well, it’s much like calligraphy or typography with the main difference that the letters are drawn instead of written. It requires loads of practice and a fair bit of creativity. That being said, it’s a fun way to play with letters, words and for example quotes.

Below, i’ll show you day 1. It’s hard to look at, I admit!

My first lettering piece

For day 100 my teachers at school asked me if I wanted to make something for the school. My branch of studies was called ‘Interactive Multimedia & Design’ or in short ‘IMD’. I decided on stickers. I originally planned on drawing them but ended up in Adobe Illustrator. Here’s the result.

Lettering Day 100

That’s better already but there are still so many mistakes in the piece. Let’s fast forward to the end and have a look at what I made for day 365.

Lettering day 365

The fun thing is that I learned so many different media’s to use. Dabbling in painting the handlettering in watercolor. I learned writing bith brush pens. I even made my own ruling pen. Expect a tutorial and/or in depth look at some of the tools I acquired along the way.

I have learned so much by doing this. For example, limiting your tools, creating something when you have only 30 minutes left in your day. I trained my ability to push through and actually acting upon what I said I would do. It’s even better when people who told you you wouldn’t be able to keep up with it are incredibly surprised when you hit the year.

It’s not always fun when you have to cut out some leisure moments with friends to finish a piece but I would advice everyone to do some kind of 365 days project. And if you do, let me know in the comments below.

Feel free to check out my instagram account, the whole journey is on there! I have so much more to learn so follow me to see my future work!

Here’s a selection of some of my lettering work: